Why it’s critical to pair content with lab for course success

Posted in Blog on 6 August 2015

It’s no news to say that there is a skills gap in the U.S. today, but if it’s not addressed soon, our labor market, particularly in technical fields, is headed for major problems.

Across the board in industries from manufacturing to construction and engineering, demand for highly trained technical workers remains high and employers are scrambling to secure the available talent that does exist. By 2020, the problem will be at crisis level in many fields. Demand for employees in the professional, scientific and technical service fields is expected to rise to 29 percent. Some specialist industries project major employee shortfalls; welding for example, expects a skills gap of as many as 290,000 workers from engineers to inspectors to teachers.

While some employers are turning to on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs, those can only take employees and the industry so far. In reality, we as higher education administrators and faculty must take up the challenge of evolving the standards and methodologies of technical education in order to both prepare the best technical workers of the future and make a technical education a fully rounded, engaging experience for graduates.

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