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What is your school doing to ensure service is a part of learning?

Posted in Blog on 18 November 2015

With social media highlighting community and global issues more than ever, students


increasingly aware of the world around them. As a result, introducing service learning in schools levitra buy line mg is picking up momentum.

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, youth stand to gain from service in three cialis generique broad areas: academic engagement and achievement, civic attitudes and behavior, and social and personal skills. If students are just performing menial tasks under the guise of service, we can’t expect these same results.

By getting students

involved in their community, they get to understand social perspectives and use their resources, and voices to make a difference. In addition, students that get involved in service learning within an academic climate, realize a range of additional leadership benefits.


What is Service Learning?

The Corporation for National and Community Services

defines service-learning as a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the

learning prix public cialis experience, prix cialis en france teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Connecting students to community can produce essential elements of life-long learning that extend beyond the classroom.


Why is service learning important?

Almost all students spend time fulfilling community service prior to graduating, for one reason or another. The sad truth is most students do it to fulfill a scholarship or program requirement and the only thing tracked are hours.

Authentic, high-quality experiences put an equal emphasis on both service and the learning experience.


How is service learning applied?

Consider a student that observes there is no playground or gathering area

for the youth in his community. Raising this awareness, engaging the community, and devising a solution, he was able to raise enough money to erect a small playground area for children to gather.

By using communication skills, surveys and data and organizing a fundraising campaign, a student not only picks up a variety of valuable skills but is also able to make a ‘real’ difference in the lives of children. This transference between classroom knowledge and application in the real-world should be the goal for all students.


The hidden value in service learning

Students should be impacting real-world problems, using their own student voice and applying academic and workforce skills and knowledge towards meaningful solutions. This is a paradigm

shift from what is the norm; but organizations, schools, and even many students agree, meaningful, inquiry-based service-learning is

the right way to

unlock a world of benefits for students and communities alike.


Getting started

It could be as simple as starting a program or club for students to get involved. The

starting point is to re-define what service

learning means and encourage students to get involved.  Start asking what your

organization is doing with service-learning and champion bringing service learning to your students!


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