Virtual Reality Gamification and How It Will Revolutionize Learning

Virtual Reality Gamification and How It Will Revolutionize Learning

Posted in Blog on 24 August 2016

Creating new and unique experiences is always challenging when it comes to learning. Much of this difficulty comes from lack of engagement and not being able to visualize the concepts. Virtual reality gamification helps make sure that both of these problems are addressed.

Education can benefit greatly from the use of virtual reality enabled games within their curriculum. Imagine being able to visit and interact with famous locations, art and music games, training scenarios. The implications are practically endless.

An estimated 24 million virtual devices will be sold in 2018. Many of these devices like the Google Cardboard are not very expensive. Gamification is also enjoying a tremendous rise in popularity of late. In a study conducted by Pew Research Centre it was found that 53% of respondents felt that there will be significant adoption of gamification by 2020.

When virtual reality and gamification go hand in hand, it can create truly unique and enjoyable learning experiences. Here are a few companies who are pioneering education using virtual reality gamification.

Nurse Training in Healthcare

A major pain point for health institutions was training nurses. On an average training took up to six months, and there was a high shortage of nurses within the industry. Canadian company Conquer Mobile created an app called PeriopSim to train nurses. The app helps reduce the training period by half and the nurses can practice without having to face the pressures of a live surgery.

Fast Food Management Training

In order to train their managers, McDonalds created a virtual replica of their store. Managers can walk inside the virtual store and make decisions based on what they see. They can then see the outcomes of their decisions. This replica will be released September this year.

Repair and Maintenance Practice

Home repair course provider, Train4TradeSkills provides a virtual house where students can practice repair and maintenance activities. The system uses advanced computer game technology to create the learning environment. Students can move on to the next course only if they have done the exercise without any mistakes. A low score means that they have to start all over. Such games can help the students obtain necessary skills without any risk to the customers.

Teaching Children about Internal Organs

Imagine if you could see someone’s insides and pass diagnosis! Blippar created Cardio VR which uses simple, game-based mechanics for a younger audience to carry out surgery. The premise of the app involves searching within a patient for ailments using a virtual X-ray.

Virtual Journey Inside the Human Brain

A trip inside someone’s mind might seem like something from a sci-fi movie. But game developer Nival has managed to do just that. In Mind VR is truly a visual treat. The app is a game that lets users experience the journey into a patient’s brain in search of neurons that cause neural disorder. Not only is the game visually stunning, it provides the viewer with a better understanding of the brain. All of this while still using game based activities.


With so many applications available, virtual reality is bound to keep growing.

Virtual reality gamification will see more use especially in the eLearning industry in the form of virtual reality based games that help make concepts clearer to students and engage them in a way text based learning never could.

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