Augmented and Virtual Reality in K12

The learning power of reality in K12 education

Posted in Blog on 29 September 2016

Using tablets, apps and YouTube videos, students at Greenwood Elementary School in the Wayzata Public Schools in Minnesota have added new virtual elements to paintings and other artwork, so their masterpieces include videos that not only get them engaged, but also help them better understand ideas behind the art itself. It’s a technology called augmented […]

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Virtual Reality Gamification and How It Will Revolutionize Learning

Virtual Reality Gamification and How It Will Revolutionize Learning

Posted in Blog on 24 August 2016

Creating new and unique experiences is always challenging when it comes to learning. Much of this difficulty comes from lack of engagement and not being able to visualize the concepts. Virtual reality gamification helps make sure that both of these problems are addressed. Education can benefit greatly from the use of virtual reality enabled games […]

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Facilitates Higher Ed Research and Teaches High-Risk Skills

Posted in Blog on 19 May 2016

From the outside, it’s nondescript: a large cube, surrounded by racks of projectors and topped with a frame holding additional projectors. Like so much else in life, though, it’s what’s inside that counts. Duke University built the Duke immersive Virtual Environment in 2005 and upgraded it in 2015, funding both projects with National Science Foundation grants. […]

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Examples of Virtual Reality in Education

8 Intriguing Ways You Can Use Virtual Learning in Classrooms Today

Posted in Blog on 14 April 2016

Across schools and colleges in the US, Virtual Reality (VR) is fast becoming the technology that teachers and students are talking about. While statistics on the use of VR are yet to be published, the large number of companies entering the field is a clear indicator of the potential this technology has to revolutionize learning […]

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When Virtual Reality Meets Education

When Virtual Reality Meets Education

Posted in Blog on 29 January 2016

Since the 1950s, virtual reality (VR) has been hovering on the periphery of technology without achieving accepted mainstream application or commercial adoption. Since 2012, VR startups have raised more than $1.46 billion in venture capital, including more than $100 million in funding during the last four consecutive quarters. According to Citi analyst Kota Ezawa, 2016 is […]

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Augmented Vs Virtual Reality

The Real Difference: Augmented versus Virtual [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted in Blog on 20 January 2016

This infographic details the differences between AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

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Is Virtual Reality For Everyone?

Posted in Blog on 13 August 2015

In late April, a number of high school and college students, in conjunction with the Immersive Education Initiative (iED) and the National Park Service, created a 3D version of Bent’s Old Fort along the Santa Fe Trail in Colorado. The fully immersive, 3D virtual reality environment will be made available to other institutions and clubs throughout the world, allowing more […]

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