Service Learning Definitions

How 15 US Institutions Define Service Learning

Posted in Blog on 11 August 2016

Education has always been about imparting knowledge for a person to be able to make a living for themselves. The focus is always on the individual rather than society. In service learning however, the emphasis is on applying what is learned in the classroom while providing meaningful service to society. The dual advantage is that […]

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Types of Service Learning Categories

Service Learning: What Type of Program Does your School Follow?

Posted in Blog on 15 June 2016

With the definition of “service‐learning” varying from school to school, it’s not surprising that the way service learning is understood and implemented also varies. According to Andrew Furco, in his paper, “Service-Learning”: A Balanced Approach to Experiential Education” some educators view “service‐learning” as a new term that reveals a rich, innovative, pedagogical approach for more […]

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7 Ways Service Learning Can Impact a Student’s Life

7 Ways Service Learning Can Impact a Student’s Life

Posted in Blog on 31 March 2016

Service Learning or learning through interactive community service is a vital way educators are answering that all-important question in students’ minds, “Why am I learning this?” By addressing real-life issues in the form of a project or community service, students can apply what they have learned in classrooms to help make a difference and demonstrate […]

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7 Service Learning Concepts to Get Students Moving

7 Cool Service Learning Concepts to Get Students Moving

Posted in Blog on 2 March 2016

Service Learning is an excellent way of helping students connect what they learn in the classroom by applying that learning in a real-life situation that impacts their community. If you’ve been considering service learning projects for your classroom, take a look at these ideas to help you connect the classroom to your community.   Map […]

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service learning school

What is your school doing to ensure service is a part of learning?

Posted in Blog on 18 November 2015

With social media highlighting community and global issues more than ever, students are increasingly aware of the world around them. As a result, introducing service learning in schools levitra buy line mg is picking up momentum. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, youth stand to gain from service in three […]

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