Elearning Trends

5 E-learning Trends to look out for

Posted in Blog on 29 July 2016

Technology has found a way to revolutionize just about every aspect of life. This is especially true in the case of education. Classes are no longer taught within the four corners of the classroom. Instead learning is now becoming increasingly digital. With each passing year technology innovations are helping educators find new learning opportunities both […]

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2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape

2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape [Infographic]

Posted in Blog on 9 June 2016

  According to statistics gathered for an Online Learning Consortium infographic, 5.8 million students are now enrolled in online courses, and the majority put tremendous stock in the quality of their education: 90 percent of students say their online learning experiences are the same or better than in-classroom options.   Check out the infographic below for […]

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Creating Compelling Instructor-Led Videos

7 Factors to Creating Compelling Instructor-Led Videos

Posted in Blog on 27 April 2016

We all know that online programs continue to grow and video is becoming more commonplace as a key component. But what makes a video instructionally valuable? How do we know it is providing the engagement, flexibility, and multisensory learning that students want? What instructional design approaches can be employed with producing and delivering an instructor-led […]

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Online Learning

Six Secrets to Creating Online Learning Experiences that Promote Engagement and Retention

Posted in Blog on 30 September 2015

So you want to teach online? There are some key points you should consider to have a sound instructional design for student engagement and retention. The quality of online courses can be quite disparate. We want to share with you some of the common strategies and best practices to consider when developing online, student-centered courses. […]

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ABCs of Online Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted in Blog on 16 September 2015

The 21st century learner enjoys media-rich, interactive systems, be it while browsing for content on websites, using search engines, networking or socializing. However most online courses available today, still work from legacy content and try to deliver a modern learning experience by wrapping it in a new skin for delivery. As a result, the delivered […]

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Online Learning Crossword

Posted in Blog on 3 September 2015

If you are an edtech aficionado, you’ll probably enjoy this crossword puzzle of popular online learning terms. Test how many online learning terms you can figure out from their definitions to finish the crossword below. Click on any blank space to get started.

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Higher Education Online Learning Statistics [Infographic]

Posted in Blog on 26 August 2015

  Is your institution being left behind? Take your courses digital.

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University students studying, from above

How Two Universities Succeeded in Enhancing their Online Programs [CASE STUDY]

Posted in Blog on 30 July 2015

CASE #1 Client Challenge: The university is considered small in size, offering primarily undergraduate programs, however their http://www.laviagraes.com/hay-viagra-para-diabeticos goal was to expand their Continuing Education programs across the region, which is wide-spread and are difficult for adult-learners to access higher-education studies. The university currently offers several instructor-led continuing http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/nombres-de-viagras education programs that are delivered across several […]

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Q&A: Blogger Kevin Corbett on Higher Ed’s Online Future

Posted in Blog on 23 July 2015

Kevin Corbett is an online learning program developer with a keen interest in social media, gamification and mobile learning. EdTech magazine recently interviewed Kevin Corbett about his interest in the world of educational technology and where he sees institutions leaning in the future. EDTECH: How did you get started in education, and what has kept you in it? CORBETT:  During […]

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