Flipped Classroom

Study: flipped classroom implementation can make or break the learning experience

Posted in Blog on 13 October 2016

A recent study of large-enrollment classes on campus has yielded promising results for interactive teaching approaches, and has provided guidance to instructors about how to successfully teach in flipped classroom settings. The study, conducted by the Research and Analytics team at Colorado State University Online, found that flipping the classroom may improve student participation and […]

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Technology in Classroom

Technology Use Boosts Students’ Confidence in Their Job Prospects [#Infographic]

Posted in Blog on 24 June 2016

Landing that first post-grad job may be difficult, but many college seniors think they’ve got the digital skills employers want, thanks to their time on campus. That insight comes from McGraw-Hill Education’s third annual Workforce Readiness Survey, which states that 52 percent of students surveyed believe that their use of technology during college classes and study […]

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2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape

2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape [Infographic]

Posted in Blog on 9 June 2016

  According to statistics gathered for an Online Learning Consortium infographic, 5.8 million students are now enrolled in online courses, and the majority put tremendous stock in the quality of their education: 90 percent of students say their online learning experiences are the same or better than in-classroom options.   Check out the infographic below for […]

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Facilitates Higher Ed Research and Teaches High-Risk Skills

Posted in Blog on 19 May 2016

From the outside, it’s nondescript: a large cube, surrounded by racks of projectors and topped with a frame holding additional projectors. Like so much else in life, though, it’s what’s inside that counts. Duke University built the Duke immersive Virtual Environment in 2005 and upgraded it in 2015, funding both projects with National Science Foundation grants. […]

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The Future of Higher Ed Tech

Q&A: NMC’s Samantha Becker on the Future of Higher Ed Tech

Posted in Blog on 18 February 2016

The latest Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium (NMC) gives deep insight into how education is being shaped by technology. EdTech spoke with one of the key figures behind the Horizon report — the NMC’s senior director of publications and communications, Samantha Becker — to learn a little more about what goes into these influential reports. EDTECH: What are some of the […]

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Microcredentialing: Small Credentials, Big Impact

Microcredentialing: Small Credentials, Big Impact

Posted in Blog on 14 January 2016

The term “microcredentials” has begun to pop up in university and corporate settings alike. So what does this mean, exactly? And how can it help you in your career? In short, microcredentials refers to a kind of alternative credentialing system for employees and candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills without needing an undergraduate or […]

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How Analytics Is Impacting Higher Education

How Analytics Is Impacting Higher Education

Posted in Blog on 9 December 2015

The field of analytics is steadily gaining prominence in the world of higher education. Analytics can have a significant positive impact if it is seen as a tool which can help institutions carve out solutions for their most specific and problem-defining questions across all functional areas. With huge volume of data available well over the […]

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Teacher showing something to the class

Technology in Higher Ed: From disenfranchising of “place” to disaggregation of the degree [INTERVIEW]

Posted in Blog on 2 December 2015

Kelly Walsh is the Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester in White Plains, New York, and the owner of EmergingEdTech and FlippedClassroomWorkshop.com. A passionate supporter in the marriage of technology and education to improve learning outcomes, Kelly believes that properly implemented and supported instructional technologies and tools can help to make learning more […]

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Maker Movement College Maker Movement

Making it into Your Classrooms? The Maker Movement

Posted in Blog on 9 September 2015

At one time in the not-too-distant past, higher education was nothing more than an apprenticeship in an identified field of need… such as metalworking, woodworking, or a particular craft. Young adults would be guided towards working with masters in an industry and gradually learn all the elements of the trade before setting out on their […]

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Higher Education Online Learning Statistics [Infographic]

Posted in Blog on 26 August 2015

  Is your institution being left behind? Take your courses digital.

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