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Study: flipped classroom implementation can make or break the learning experience

Posted in Blog on 13 October 2016

A recent study of large-enrollment classes on campus has yielded promising results for interactive teaching approaches, and has provided guidance to instructors about how to successfully teach in flipped classroom settings. The study, conducted by the Research and Analytics team at Colorado State University Online, found that flipping the classroom may improve student participation and […]

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Will video kill the lecturing star?

Will video kill the lecturing star?

Posted in Blog on 25 November 2015

You may have heard about the flipped classroom approach, in which lectures are viewed at home and class time is used for discussion, project work and other practical exercises. You may also have been wondering whether to bother with it, and how it actually would work in practice. For our modules on conflict resolution and […]

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Attentive class in a lecture hall

The Technology, Obstacles and Outcomes of Flipped Learning

Posted in Blog on 28 October 2015

A¬†recent survey of college faculty¬†shows that more than two-thirds of respondents have experimented with the increasingly popular teaching model, which requires that students learn basic concepts on their own before spending class time engaging with more advanced topics. At many universities, the flipped classroom looks something like this: Students watch short lecture videos and participate […]

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