Elearning Trends

5 E-learning Trends to look out for

Posted in Blog on 29 July 2016

Technology has found a way to revolutionize just about every aspect of life. This is especially true in the case of education. Classes are no longer taught within the four corners of the classroom. Instead learning is now becoming increasingly digital. With each passing year technology innovations are helping educators find new learning opportunities both […]

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7 Ways to Check if Your E-Learning Company is Up to Scratch

7 Ways to Check if Your E-Learning Company is Up to Scratch

Posted in Blog on 4 November 2015

You are looking to convert your higher education legacy content into digital curriculum, and now have to evaluate which e-learning company can help you create an online course effectively. Here are some ways you can check which vendors are right for you. Federal Certifications Many institutions including the US Federal Contractor Registration and the System […]

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Q&A: Blogger Kevin Corbett on Higher Ed’s Online Future

Posted in Blog on 23 July 2015

Kevin Corbett is an online learning program developer with a keen interest in social media, gamification and mobile learning. EdTech magazine recently interviewed Kevin Corbett about his interest in the world of educational technology and where he sees institutions leaning in the future. EDTECH: How did you get started in education, and what has kept you in it? CORBETT:  During […]

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