Augmented and Virtual Reality in K12

The learning power of reality in K12 education

Posted in Blog on 29 September 2016

Using tablets, apps and YouTube videos, students at Greenwood Elementary School in the Wayzata Public Schools in Minnesota have added new virtual elements to paintings and other artwork, so their masterpieces include videos that not only get them engaged, but also help them better understand ideas behind the art itself. It’s a technology called augmented […]

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Augmented Vs Virtual Reality

The Real Difference: Augmented versus Virtual [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted in Blog on 20 January 2016

This infographic details the differences between AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

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Augmented reality

How Augmented Reality Can Work in Your Classroom

Posted in Blog on 20 August 2015

What is Augmented Reality or AR, as it has become more widely known as? AR is a type of immersive learning environment that leverages mobile devices and multi-media and content to enrich and authenticate learning experiences. Now that’s a mouthful! In simpler terms, it’s just plain cool. Here’s a great example that shows why: You […]

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