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Study: flipped classroom implementation can make or break the learning experience

Posted in Blog on 13 October 2016

A recent study of large-enrollment classes on campus has yielded promising results for interactive teaching approaches, and has provided guidance to instructors about how to successfully teach in flipped classroom settings.

The study, conducted by the Research and Analytics team at Colorado State University Online, found that flipping the classroom may improve student participation and attendance rates, and create a more challenging experience that fosters critical thinking. “We found that flipped classrooms often led to students holding each other more accountable for showing up to class prepared,” said Sean Burns, Assessment Coordinator at CSU Online.

However, Burns said, when flipped classrooms are implemented the wrong way, it is a very frustrating experience for students. “They want goals and learning objectives defined for each class, and if this is missing, they feel lost and don’t get the maximum value from the class,” he said.

The flipped classroom approach isn’t new to higher education or CSU, but it has gained popularity in recent years. The idea centers on engaging students in activities, projects, and discussions during class time, rather than lectures. This model is facilitated by a more adaptable classroom setup, with movable seating and tables to accommodate various group activities.

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