Students prefer laptops, tablets for learning

Students prefer laptops, tablets for learning

Posted in Blog on 25 September 2015

In a new survey, college students say they gravitate toward laptops and tablets when it comes to studying and learning.

As learning goes more mobile, a new study reveals that college students still prefer laptops as their primary learning device, though they also expect tablets to play an increasingly larger role in academics.

The 2015 Student Mobile Device Survey reveals that seven out of 10 surveyed students said they agree that tablets help learners study more efficiently, and that tablets will replace traditional textbooks within five years.

Tablet ownership has increased, with 52 percent of participating college students owning tablets, up from 45 percent a year ago. Ownership of smartphones appears to have stabilized at 85 percent, and laptops at 88 percent.

Although most college students believe that tablets are efficient and effective for studying, laptops are still the most commonly used device for learning.

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