6 Free Educational Resources to bring Technology into Classrooms

6 Free Educational Resources to bring Technology into Classrooms

Posted in Blog on 2 June 2016

As an instructor, sometimes you find you are in a rut. You look up and see glazed eyes before you and realize you’ve lost your audience. How do you get them back, or better yet, make sure you don’t lose them at all?

We have just a few ideas and resources so you keep your students engaged… whether you use technology or not!

Check out TeachThought as a great resource. They have a plethora of ideas by grade level, technology experience, and categories that span instructional strategies, assessments, and different types of learning.

If you are looking for a list of various articles, Education World has done the legwork for you. Some of the articles are a little dated however the practical tips are still useful. See what works for you and try a couple of ideas to start to get comfortable integrating technology in your classroom.

For extensive free resources be sure to look into EmergingEdTech’s list of ways to use technology to create engaging lessons for your students.

TeachHub has some great learning ideas for both beginners as well as advanced users.

For expert guides and how-tos for the newest education apps take a look at the Edudemic website. They cover teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education.

Free Technology for Teachers shares plenty of information about free resources and educational technology that teachers can use in their classrooms.

Don’t forget to ask your students to also research resources as a way to involve them in the process.

This reinforces literacy and research skills and establishes buy-in from your audience. Above all, have fun and see how technology can change your instruction AND your students!


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