7 Service Learning Concepts to Get Students Moving

7 Cool Service Learning Concepts to Get Students Moving

Posted in Blog on 2 March 2016

Service Learning is an excellent way of helping students connect what they learn in the classroom by applying that learning in a real-life situation that impacts their community.

If you’ve been considering service learning projects for your classroom, take a look at these ideas to help you connect the classroom to your community.


Map My World

SUBJECTS: Geography / Craft

Does your locality have any forests or sprawling public gardens? Are there any areas that would benefit from a “YOU ARE HERE” signpost created by your class? Ask them to keep their eyes peeled and then plan and execute a way to create mapped sign posts for the benefit of the general public.


Light it up!


What if your class could apply the principals of motion to generate power and switch on some lights? Get the class exploring into designing and developing projects such as windmills or waterwheels to turn on the lights. How much power would they need to generate to benefit a public walkway?


Soup Kitchen


Get your students to make use of their math, measurement and accounting skills by undertaking a hot soup sale for a public cause. Students buy raw materials, make the soup and sell bowls to the public to raise money for their chosen cause.


Recycle Mania

SUBJECTS: Science/Environment/Art

Let your students choose a recyclable product which they will themselves convert to a usable material for public good. This could be compost by collecting organic waste from restaurants or even creating papier maché products by recycling old newspapers.


Rediscover the Past


Get your students interested in the local history of your community. Then encourage them to find ways to commemorate or preserve an important historical event. This could be in the form of a re-enactment, a fair, or public fundraiser to help preserve locale landmarks associated with the historic event.


Organic Purity


Make your students aware of the difference between organically grown local produce and those from big grocers. They can then think of ways they can support the local farmers, such as campaigning for a better choice, helping spread the awareness of a farmer’s market, or growing their own organic produce and using the yield in the cafeteria.




Does your local community have any boring walls or uncreative stretches of park fencing that could use some sprucing up? Let your students pitch ideas to the local authorities and then work together to make it happen. This could be beautifying a simple walking pathway or painting the wall of a hospital. Your students will need to plan, design and coordinate the materials need to execute this project.

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