Engaged Citizenship through Service Learning

Engaged Citizenship through Service Learning will make a direct impact on your community while developing your communication and math skills to make it all happen. At the end of your service-learning project, you will have a meaningful academic and civic experience to put on your resume and college applications!

Apply what you learn in class

Give time to community issues

Life changing experience

Achieve real objectives

Completion Certificate

Students will be able to print out a certificate demonstrating that they earned 30 hours of service-learning experience. This can be applied to their school transcript, shared with colleges, and added to their academic portfolio.

Aligned to Common Core

Course standards and depth of knowledge is mapped to CCSS. ELA, Math, Science and Social Science standards are covered in this course making it truly an authentic experience for students to take knowledge from the classroom and apply it in their community.

Project-based Learning

Encourages students to demonstrate their understandings through action. Students will need to work through all the steps in the process in order to have a successful project outcome.

Active Discussion

High-interest discussion questions encourage students to share learning experiences with each other.

Rich Media & Case Studies

Students will get to hear first-hand about other student’s service-learning projects. They will share struggles, triumphs, and learnings throughout the experience.

Reflection Assignments

Students are encouraged to share their observations, reflections and thoughts throughout the process.


“The team at Emantras has delivered a cutting-edge product that was best in class. Our stakeholders and clients are very impressed with how Emantras has integrated technology to enhance the educational experience for students.”

Gavin McGuire, COO, Usher’s New Look

Course Overview

Academic, personal, and career skills needed for effective service-learning project implementation will be taught and applied through structured service projects that meet real school and/or community needs. Students will actively participate in meaningful service-learning experiences of at least 30 hours, while increasing their communication skills and enhancing their academic portfolio.

Credit: .50 (Semester)
Target Audience: Secondary

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of service-learning, the types of service-learning, and its importance in a participatory democracy.
  • Ability to identify school/community needs and propose solutions that can be implemented through service-learning.
  • Ability to identify and analyze different points of view to gain an understanding of diverse backgrounds and perspectives and their value.
  • Ability to investigate significant needs, plan and implement service-learning projects to address them, evaluate project effectiveness, and present the information to an authentic audience.
  • Use effective self-assessment and reflection strategies (e.g., verbal, written, artistic, and non-verbal activities to demonstrate learning, understanding, and changes in students’ knowledge, skills and/or abilities).
  • Effective use of facilitative communication skills (e.g., writing, speaking, listening, questioning, paraphrasing, non-verbal communication, non-judgmental response)

At the end of your service-learning project, you will have a meaningful academic and civic experience to put on your resume and college applications!

Benefits to District and Schools

Get Students College and Career Ready

Create a positive community environment for your students to tackle real-world issues. This course is a way for students to be active participants in global events that impact them, as well as future generations.

Offer Flexibility in LMS & Devices

Our course solutions are compatible with multiple mobile and table devices, as well as learning management systems. If your school or district does not have an LMS, Emantras can provide one for you.

Increase Student Options

Extend course choices for students that are learning on the go. Our course solutions help you grow your investment – your library of online courses and your students.

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