[#Infographic] 2015’s Top 5 Higher Ed Infosec Issues

Posted in Blog on 21 July 2015

An effective information security strategy is very important in Institutions.

Earlier this year, Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) released an infographic that includes the top five strategic information security issues for 2015:

  1. Developing an effective information security strategy that responds to institutional organization and culture and that elevates information security concerns to institutional leadership.
  2. Ensuring that members of the institutional community (students, faculty, and staff) receive information security education and training.
  3. Developing security policies for mobile, cloud, and digital resources (includes issues of data handling/protection, access control, and end-user awareness).
  4. Using risk-management methodologies to identify and address information security priorities.
  5. Developing, testing, and refining incident response capabilities to respond to information systems/data breaches.

2015’s Top 5 Higher Ed Infosec Issues

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