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How Two Universities Succeeded in Enhancing their Online Programs [CASE STUDY]

Posted in Blog on 30 July 2015


Client Challenge:

The university is considered small in size, offering primarily undergraduate programs, however their

goal was to expand their Continuing Education programs across the region, which is wide-spread and are difficult for adult-learners to access higher-education studies.

The university currently offers several instructor-led continuing

education programs that are delivered across several regional campuses.   Their

main goal is to develop online programs so they can expand access to their programs, leverage community partnerships and increase revenue to their university.

Engagement with Emantras:

The university was seeking a collaborative partner to implement on these goals. They needed a partner that would be consultative and knowledgeable about online learning. Emantras is one of the most widely recognized e-learning development firms, helping thousands of clients to deploy e-learning and

mobile solutions globally.


Content inputs were scant and did not lend themselves to the distance learning experience that they

had envisioned. For one of the programs, the university only had videos that showed an instructor discussing course topics in the field. Other programs had only a textbook as reference or instructor PowerPoint lectures.

Case 1Next Steps:

Emantras worked collaboratively with the university to adapt and enrich the content to offer a rich-media, engaging course experience for learners. Each program has

resource materials, videos, interactivities, and formative and summative assessments all wrapped in a course design that is conducive to learning in an asynchronous environment.


The university has deployed their first course with positive outcomes and reception. Learners have been given an opportunity

to expand their knowledge, without the barriers of geography and constraints of teacher availability. The university is looking forward to increasing their revenue by offering several continuing education certificates online, while expanding their partnerships and access globally.

Client Testimonial:

“The newly established Continuing Studies Online team at the University of Northern viagra femme france origine British Columbia began working with Emantras in January 2014 to begin development of four online certificate programs.  Throughout the development of our certificate programs, Emantras has provided support, guidance and practical advice to ensure we were able to produce the best product for our customers.  We have recently released our first certificate with very positive response.  We are thankful to the team at Emantras for their patience and guidance as they worked with our team on this project.”


CASE #2:

Client Challenge:

The university is a large institution offering courses in an urban setting, as well as having extension campuses and online learning. The university’s online programs were very text heavy, with limited engagement and interactive elements. Faculty and Provost at the university desired to enhance their courses with learning objects, particularly focusing on concepts that were integral to the learning outcomes.

Engagement with Emantras:

Since the university had a long-standing investment with their LMS provider, they wanted buy levitra au boots a partner that was familiar with building courses in an LMS as well as providing mobile-enabled learning objects that could be embedded into their curriculum, inside the LMS. Emantras has developed content for most viagra sans ordonnance Learning Management Systems that support curriculum deployment in Higher Ed. In addition, Emantras has

extensive experience deploying content in customized Moodle instances.


Faculty desired to have a collaborative process to brainstorm ideas for learning objects, however their time is limited and they wanted the enhanced courses to be available for Fall.

Courses were to have learning objects that were 4-6

minutes in length, required student participation, were mobile accessible, engaging to the learner and reinforced learning using a mix of assessments, gamelets and scenario-based learning.

Emantras Case Study

Next Steps:

Emantras Instructional Design team worked with faculty to identify topic areas and content, and design a storyboard for articulating the pedagogy and learning outcomes. Once faculty approved the storyboard, Emantras produced the learning objects and integrated them into the existing course. Courses were to have learning objects that were 4-6 minutes in length, required student participation, were mobile accessible, engaging to the learner and reinforced

learning using a mix of assessments, gamelets and scenario-based learning.


The project yielded a high percent of faculty générique viagra forum involvement and interest. Courses will be deployed in Fall 2015 and student feedback will be gathered.


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