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How one district built a better blended learning program

Posted in Blog on 28 October 2016

Blended learning is rapidly becoming a core part of schools’ educational approach, partly because the model suits so many educational needs–credit recovery, dual enrollment, and access to advanced courses not always offered in brick-and-mortar schools.

To help connect educators with blended learning schools and districts, the Clayton Christensen Institute (CCI) curates the Blended Learning Universe, an online hub and directory offering resources about blended learning basics, research, and examples of different implementations.

CCI previously only awarded a Blended Learning Universe distinction to individual schools, but expanded it to districts that model how a school’s blended learning pilot can be brought to scale.

Within CCI’s Blended Learning Universe hub, district administrators also can connect and collaborate with others to learn more about bringing a blended learning pilot to scale.

Tennessee’s rural Putnam County School System was among the first to receive a district-level Blended Learning Universe designation.

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