Happy New Year from The Emantras Team

Happy New Year from The Emantras Team

Posted in Blog on 7 January 2016

Happy New Year! Emantras is celebrating a great 2015 and looking forward to a great 2016, with help from all of our partners and clients. A new year provokes all of us to reflect back on the year past and celebrate a new year ahead of us…full of surprises, possibilities, and discoveries. As we reflect back on 2015, Emantras wants to share with you some popular blogs, websites and thought leaders that people were talking about in the edtech industry.

Teach100 ranks and scores hundreds of education blogs. Check out the top 100 and beyond to stay up to date on what people are talking about in the education space.

Getting Smart acknowledges people and organizations making a difference. Here is a list of the top thought leading blogs, blasts and EdTech sites you should be plugged-in to.

EdTech recognizes that the world of educational technology can be intimidating. Bloggers help make sense of this ever-changing industry with wit, insight and tactical advice. EdTech is proud to recognize this latest crop of the top K–12 IT bloggers.

Dailytekk compiled the 100 best, most interesting websites of 2016, highlighting those they think are interesting or culturally relevant.

First Site Guide has gathered the best tech blogs to follow. After all, blogs are technology and what a great way to keep abreast of all the latest trends and new products. What a great way to educate yourself and connect with like-minded people.

Once you have been inspired from the lists above, it is time to look ahead to 2016 and plan your professional development and see what edtech conferences around the world look interesting. EdSurge has compiled a list of conferences, some virtual and some face-to-face, for you to consider. Enjoy and we hope to see you all at some of these dynamic events.

Emantras wishes you joy and peace throughout the new year!


Disclaimer: Emantras does not endorse or necessarily agree with everything said or portrayed in each of the sites shared. We do hope you find them thought provoking, ignite curiosity, and create collaborative conversations.

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