Free Resources for Promoting your STEM Program

Free Resources for Promoting your STEM Program

Posted in Blog on 16 March 2016

It’s no surprise that there is a plethora of resources available for teachers. Many of these are Open Educational Resources that have been curated or developed with educators in mind.

Here are 7 STEM resources that are sure to help your students get engaged and succeed.


  • WOMEN IN STEM: TedTalks has a series of videos that highlight women in STEM that are trailblazers in the industry. These videos will surely inspire young girls and women to explore STEM careers.


  • USING OER: Are you looking for ways to use OER in your curriculum? The OER Stem Project provides concrete examples for teachers to show them how to search for the best OER tools and resources and how to use OER to deliver instruction.


  • STEM CAREER PROFILES: The Sloan Cornerstone Career Center provides a database of hundreds of professionals who have chosen career paths in STEM. These profiles allow students to explore what a typical day may look like in a STEM career path.


  • ART IN STEM: Teacher Vision allows students to enjoy participating in math class using art activities. Don’t forget that many institutions include art in their STEM programs (aka STEAM).   You’ll find lessons here for encouraging measuring, geometry and much more!


  • SCIENCE RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS: The Center for Precollegiate Education and Training at The University of Florida provides science resources for teachers.   Be sure to explore archived resources from years past and subscribe to their email digest and receive lessons, videos, and activities.


  • HOW SCIENCE WORKS: A site from the UC Berkeley that helps to explain the scientific process with links for teacher resources for primary, middle school, high school and even undergraduate students.


  • RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS: Ck12 includes lesson plans, pacing guides, differentiation guides, in-class presentations, etc., on 5000 math and science concepts for teachers and also has readings, videos, quizzes, sims, real world group activities, etc. for students.
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