Colleges Want More Digital Courseware

Colleges Want More Digital Courseware, Fewer MOOCs

Posted in Blog on 11 November 2015

What you buy doesn’t always reflect what you value.

The latest Campus Computing Survey, taken by senior-level technology officers from 417 two- and four-year US public and private colleges, revealed several gaps between priorities and spending.

Just like results from the 2014 survey, helping faculty integrate technology in their instruction is the highest priority for universities this year, followed by recruiting and retaining IT staff. But this year, 74 percent of respondents acknowledge their schools do not offer competitive salaries for these positions; 26 percent even reported cutting IT staffing, and 18 percent slashed professional development funds.

The products that are making headlines and raising capital, such as learning management systems and enterprise resource planning tools, rank at the bottom of this year’s priority list.

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