ABCs of Online Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted in Blog on 16 September 2015

The 21st century learner enjoys media-rich, interactive systems, be it while browsing for content on websites, using search engines, networking or socializing.

However most online courses available today, still work from legacy content and try to deliver a modern learning experience by wrapping it in a new skin for delivery.

As a result, the delivered content lacks the interactive learning features, and the rich dynamism expected by today’s learners.

Effective digital learning material is an even combination of text, images, animations, graphs and illustrations, coming together within a system which works on any device and puts learning actively in the hands of students.

It brings together content, systems and tools. It works with methods, pedagogies and environments.

It’s a creative combination of elements to make learning effective.

Enjoy the infographic below for humorous glimpse of the basic elements in today’s online learning.ABC_E_Learning

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