Digital Curriculum

Convert existing content
into engaging,
digital curriculum

Design complete interactive digital courses from the ground-up

Create digital learning components and supplemental activities for existing curriculum

Enable digital content for
multi device /
multi platform delivery

Music Marketing 101
"Nanodegree" marketing course for young artists
  • Non-profit & government partnership
  • Enhance career path through digital learning
  • Course aligned to Common Core Standards for career education
Workforce Readiness and Transition
Engineering student transition into the work force
  • Public-Private partnership (Georgia State and Siemens Manufacturing)
  • Facilitate student transition from high school to work, technical or traditional college
  • Career pathways coordinated with curriculum, internships and job placements
Healthcare Training
Mobile training and content for sales representatives
  • Skills Assessment and Supplemental Learning for Sales
  • Content Management System with a customized app
  • Management controlled content publishing system

Gamification & Social Mechanics

Influence the key behaviors that encourage education

Reward learning and skills

Motivate through relevant peer activity

Guidance and recognition systems to encourage learning

Total Immersive Education (TIE)
Bringing gaming and learning closer together
  • Vast environments with rich 2D and 3D graphics for students to explore
  • Exciting storylines, themes, and characters unique to each course
  • Fun interactions and mini-games that keep learning fun and interesting
Common Core Literacy Reading Program on Edmodo
  • Deliver leveled books, assign reading and writing activities
  • Teachers can review student work and encourage with rewards and badges
  • Students can earn points, collect badges and use storymaker to create new storylines
Professional Development and Training Solutions
Skills Development
Employee motivational learning through social recognition
  • Guidance and recognition systems to encourage learning
  • Motivate through relevant peer activity and recognition
  • Reward learning and emphasize sharing and social discussions

Augmented Reality

Contextual Learning cues triggered from visual objects, locations
Embedded project-based & collaborative activities
SNAP Learning AR
Improve reading and comprehension through AR
  • AR Books for reading and comprehension
  • Embedded project-based & collaborative activities
  • Personalized learning and self-research encouraged
ELL Workbooks
Learning English for ELL Students
  • Contextual step-by-step information with rich-media
  • Bilingual information with audio support
  • Embedded project-based & collaborative activities

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